2.1 The main focus of BIMSTEC-DMEx 2017 will be to test the inter-governmental coordination efforts, create synergy and synchronize efforts to institutionalize regional cooperation on disaster response among the member countries.

2.2 Joint exercises of this nature will address the important aspects of responding to disasters/calamities by pooling of resources and expertise and the imperative of presenting a strong and well-coordinated response to disaster situation in any of the BIMSTEC Countries.

2.3 Objectives of BIMSTEC-DMEx 2017:

The BIMSTEC-DMEx 2017 is expected to test the region’s preparedness and resilience to address the following specific challenges:

a. Effective activation of intergovernmental interaction/dialogue/agreements for immediate deployment of regional resources for disaster response.
b. Strengthen the effective utilization of the Search and Rescue Teams for Disaster Relief and Emergency Response, including Emergency Rapid Assessment Teams;
c. Effective activation of the national process for regional response and operationalisation of regional mechanism for collective response to disasters in the region (including information sharing on early warning);
d. Management of mass casualties which among others would involve communication breakdown and engineering difficulties;
e. Receiving of aid / humanitarian assistance as well as its effective and timely distribution;
f. Management of consular assistance to foreign tourists in the disaster area;
g. Coordination and information sharing with foreign embassies in the disaster affected country;
h. Role of international and local agencies/volunteers and their coordination with the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response -HADR (Govt.) authorities.
i. Special needs of vulnerable population i.e. women, children and people with disabilities in the disaster area.
j. Learning from the best practices followed by the participant countries in disaster response and preparedness.

2.4 Host of BIMSTEC-DMEx 2017:

The Government of India (GOI) would host BIMSTEC-DMEx 2017. The exercise will run for a period of 4 days and would be coordinated by National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), GOI – a specialized force in search, rescue and relief operations.

2.5 Proposed Disaster Scenarios:
The overarching disaster scenarios which will be simulated include:
1) Response to flood situation
2) Building Collapse (Collapsed Structure) Search and Rescue.

Detailed scenarios and sub-scenarios will be developed in due consultation with experts.

2.6 Methodology for BIMSTEC-DMEx 2017:

The exercise will be conducted in two phases. In the first phase, a Preparatory Meeting (2 days) will be conducted with representatives from Member Countries on 8th & 9th August 2017 to discuss the modalities and requirements of the main exercise. The venue for the preparatory meeting will be New Delhi. The tentative plan of the proposed preparatory meeting is reflected in Annexure 1. The main BIMSTEC-DM exercise which will run for a period of 4 days, will consist of three (3) components, namely the Table Top Exercise (TTx), the Field Training Exercise (FTx) and the After Action Review (AAR) which will be conducted from 10th to 13th October 2017, tentative plan of which is reflected in Annexure 2. During the last day of the Exercise proceedings, the segment of after action review will be followed by a dedicated session of 120 minutes where the policy makers from each of the participating countries will have deliberations on adoption of regional mechanism for strengthening mutual cooperation on DM as envisaged during the 2016 Retreat in Goa, India.